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Ronald B. Krisko's Biography

Ron Krisko is Treasurer and Co-Founder of the Aikey Foundation (“”), a non-profit educational scholarship organization, and Owner and Founder of Everything Brittle LLC (""), which creates and sells all types of fresh brittle flavor combinations.

He was President and Founder of an Internet publishing and hosting business named RBK Publishing Inc. (“”) from 2002-2013, along with being President and Co-Founder of the Columbia Community Foundation (""), a non-profit public charity organization servicing Columbia Station and surrounding communities from 2008-2012.  Ron worked as a senior engineer and Electric Boat Corporation's (EBC)(“”) webmaster from 1995 to 2005.  He both initiated and managed EBC's Intranet and Internet web sites and the EBC Digital Video Library System and distance learning initiatives.  He was a member of the EBC Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) and EBC Security Strategy Team (SST), and has provided computer training on various topics to employees at all levels.  These responsibilities have given him a well-rounded view of systems to complement his training and computer science and technical communication degrees from Clarkson University (“”).  Ron served a two year term as InfraGard Connecticut's Executive Director and Co-Founder (“”) from July 2001 through October 2003.  InfraGard Connecticut is a non-profit organization that is in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to protect the critical infrastructures with the United States through education and the confidential sharing of sensitive threat information between the private and public sectors.

Ron Co-Founded the non-profit Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM)(“”) first electronic publication called "Crossroads" (“”).  He was also the Co-Founder of the second course in virtual reality for undergraduates in the USA located at Clarkson University.  He has spoken at several different public speaking engagements including InfraGard Connecticut events, a short television interview in 2002, and at the national ACM conference in 1995.  He also has been published in the ACM's Crossroads publication along with the Hartford Business Journal's 02/24/03 issue (“”).

Ron is an Institute of Certified Professional Managers Certified Manager since 2002, and ACM Crossroads Advisory Board member since 1996. Ron was a long-standing member of the ACM from 1992-2017, Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communications (STC)(“”) from 1992-2017, and the System Administration Networking Security (SANS) (“”) organization since 1999, and an Electric Boat Management Association member from 1997-2005.

Ron received the Columbia Township Citizen of the Year award in 2010, and a Ohio House of Representatives Official Citation for “civic concern and dedication with selfless initiative to become a dynamic leader in the community” in 2010. He also received a State of Connecticut General Assembly Official Citation for his "significant contribution to the greater security of the State of Connecticut's critical infrastructures" and his "visionary leadership, exemplary volunteerism, and ongoing guidance" in 2003.  Along with that honor, he was presented with an award in 2004 for his "dedicated service to the FBI and InfraGard" by the Department of Justice.  He was an International Who's Who of Information Technology award recipient in 1997, International Who's Who of Professional award recipient in 1997, and USA International Careers Program Student Delegate to Europe in 1995.  He even is a graduate the FBI's Citizen's Academy in 2002 along with other public, civic, religious, and corporate leaders in Connecticut. He has been a Phalanx Honor Society member since 1994 and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member since 1991.

In general, Ron's past success building organizations and managing people effectively, by utilizing their own skills to make them successful, allow him to be an effective leader of any new, troubled, or start-up organizations that he decides to get involved with.

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