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Ruth M. Aikey Memorial Scholarship Selection Procedure  (Version 1.1)

  1. No scholarship applications will be accepted if submitted after the scholarship application deadline.
  2. A minimum of three Ruth M. Aikey Memorial Scholarship Committee members will be used to review the scholarship applications, and one additional Aikey Foundation officer will be assigned to accept all printed materials from scholarship applicants, review the materials received for each applicant, track and log the materials received for each applicant, and will verify application information provided (like CGPA, SSN, acceptance to Kent State University, acceptance into either Kent State University's Early or Middle Childhood Education programs, financial need, etc.).
  3. Each scholarship application reviewer will be given access to each scholarship application electronically with personally identifyable information hidden from view so that the identity of the applicant is not know to each reviewer, thus providing for an honest and unbiased review and ranking of each application.
  4. Each criteria section of the application will be given a particular weight and rating scale.
  5. Each reviewer's total score per application will be added with the other reviewers' same application score, and then the total will be divided by the number of reviewers in order to come up with an average score for each application, thus providing a natural ranking at the end of the process for each application.
  6. After all of the applications have been received, rated, totaled, and verified for accuracy, then the top ranking applications will be revealed to the reviewers along with the personally identifiable information for those particular applications.
  7. Scholarship application winners will then be contacted by the Aikey Foundation.  No reviewer shall discuss any applications, personally identifiable information, or scholarship winners outside of the Ruth M. Aikey Memorial Scholarship Committee membership or the Aikey Foundation.
  8. The Aikey Foundation will take possession of all materials submitted, in either electronic or other formats, concerning this scholarship and will not return the materials.  If the applicant receives a scholarship, all materials gathered will be kept in an active file while the applicant continues to receive the scholarship plus 365 days after, at which time they will be destroyed by the Aikey Foundation.  All other materials received for non-scholarship awarded applicants will be kept active for 365 days, at which time they will be destroyed by the Aikey Foundation.  No personal or financial information will be shared outside of the Aikey Foundation without prior specific permission from the applicant.


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